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Business VOIP Phone Equipment and Installation

Vodavi Starplus Certified Dealer

GrowIT Media provides advanced communication solutions to small and medium sized growth-oriented businesses throughout the nation. Featuring a broad range of telecommunications systems, commercial grade telephones, Voice over IP, cloud and voice processing products, we are a ‘Best of Breed’ provider of high quality digital & IP products. We are capable of repair and product support, nationwide.

Geared Towards Small Businesses

Recognizing that nearly 80% of all companies in the U.S. fall under the category of ‘Small Business’, we understand the need for an affordable telecommunications platform that can expand as your business grows. GrowIT Media offers a number of cost-effective solutions, geared towards small businesses. These cutting edge cloud based phone systems provide plenty of expansion capacity without sacrificing the quality you would expect in a higher priced system.

Since 1988, we’ve been installing and servicing business phone systems and voice mail platforms. With over 50 years of combined experience in the industry, our expert consultants can help you with all of your voice processing needs. If you have any questions for us, or if you would like to receive a price quote on a new cloud phone system, local area network or related products, simply fill out the contact us form.

Or you may call us at 888-333-7778

If you are not in need of technical assistance and would like to place an order for phone system or voicemail components, simply browse through our product catalog. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, our consultants can certainly assist you with whatever your needs may be.

RingCentral Certified Dealer

We are an Authorized RingCentral Dealer. Our business class cloud phone systems include every feature you need to keep your business running efficiently. Our cloud service comes with many features that will increase productivity and help you connect with customers, very often saving you money over your legacy current service.

We offer professional installation with all of our cloud phone services and hardware. Let us help you get your business connected with a phone system that meets and exceeds your needs. We provide all the required cabling for the phones and local area network.

We are always available to help you, whether you are having issues with equipment, service, or need system or administration training on how to use a particular feature. We understand how critical it is to have a properly working communications system, so our helpful staff will ensure your phones are running smoothly, whether remotely or in person.


In our modern global online marketplace, the efficiency in which information is exchanged can mean the difference between “right on-time” and “a day late”. Corporate networks are increasingly becoming the vessel for successfully exchanging information both internally and externally in a timely fashion. Our goal is to help your company meet their networking and communication needs by intelligently utilizing a suite of cutting-edge products and services.

GrowIt Media is ready to proactively react to the many challenges facing small and medium sized business owners today. This specifically includes:

  • Cloud/VOIP Phone Systems
  • Local Area Networks/ Intranets
  • Digital Communications
  • The merging of voice, video and other data networks

Your every business communication requirement is important. GrowIt Media will take the time to understand those specific needs.  We are your go-to source for customized communication solutions.

GrowIT Media Offers Custom Solutions Designed to Optimize Your Network:

photo7Network Consultation – At GrowIT Media, a Network Consultation will help us custom tailor our services to address the unique networking needs that your firm is currently facing, and allow us to provide a proper network analysis and project design.

detailed_image_93GrowIt Media consultants are extremely knowledgeable of commercial telecommunications, allowing us to guide you through the difficult process of finding the optimal hardware, systems, and services that will be most efficient for your establishment.

Network & IP hardware  –  GrowIT Media offers the highest quality IP & local area network equipment from leaders in the industry such as Cisco, Vodavi, Polycom & 3COM.

Professional project management is provided by GrowIT Media for Cloud, IP Systems, network implementations and expansions, relocation projects, and additional IP/networking initiatives.

Projects managed by GrowIT Media are guaranteed to be completed on time, within the established budget, and within the defined technical specifications. We do this with a combination of experience, organization, planning, and leading management tools that our team possesses and utilizes.

VOIP Business Telephone Systems, Data Integration & Design

GrowIT Media offers professional application, design and development. When prepackaged IVR, CTI, Voice Over IP, and CLOUD application packages won’t cut it, business owners search for resources in regard to the design, development, and implementation of application solutions customized for their company’s needs.

teleniumWe can provide you with dynamic VOIP application solutions that are custom designed to efficiently help you overcome your business challenges, reduce the cost of operation, and gain a competitive advantage in your industry.

Call Center and CTI applications are customized and packaged together with integration services. Scale your business with our custom applications, which are professionally designed to be flexible in order to meet the specific requirements facing your firm right now and to conquer those challenges your company may face tomorrow.

GrowIT Media offers applications for both cloud and local system based applications that integrate with mobile and remote users, old school office and the latest work environments. Our solutions can revolve around E-Mail, Telephone, eFax, mobile devices and other IP based applications that offer improved customer service, business processes, remote user integration with the office and much more.

  • Customer Service
  • Business Processes
  • Mobile Capabilities
  • Remote Offices

Above and beyond application development, GrowIT Media offers additional value-packed services including:

  • Application Installation
  • Quality Assurance Testing
  • Integration of cloud CRM applications
  • Ongoing Service, Support & Troubleshooting

Additionally, PBX and Key Telephone System environment-based applications can be custom designed and developed.

Voice Mail & eFax Services

As an authorized RingCentral Dealer, GrowIT Media offers business-class cloud phone systems which include every feature you need to keep your business running efficiently, including visual, online voicemail and efax. The cloud service can travel and move with you and your business without hassle of moving equipment and the potential of missing new customers.

Professional installation is included with all cloud phone services and hardware. Get your business connected with a phone system that meets the needs of you and your clients. We provide all the required cabling for the phones and local network.We are strategically aligned to bring you the very best service and support possible. If you’ve come here looking for support on your legacy voicemail systems or Vodavi system platform interfaces, we can help you with those needs as well.

minivoiceRingCentral and cloud solutions allow you to play, respond to, and forward voice, efax and e-mail messages from your mobile device, laptop or PC. You will also be able to add comments to messages, print faxed documents, request and retrieve e-mail messages via fax or mobile device. You can also remotely access computer databases to retrieve stored data.

minivoiceClients have easy access to a range of voice processing applications. RingCentral is capable of supporting their customers via their national customer service availability. Additionally, GrowIT Media is always available to help you, whether you are having issues with equipment, service, or need training on how to use a particular feature.

GrowIT Media Dominates the Competition:

We offer:

  • A single point of contact (SPOC) for all of your communication needs.
  • A professional consultant and project manager who will ensure that projects are efficiently completed on time, within budgetary requirements, and within project specifications.


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